About Us

Gypsy Royal was established in 2009 with the careful selection of foundation breeding stock imported from the USA. Our aim and purpose is to breed the finest quality gypsy horses available with verified superior bloodlines.

We consider ourselves a boutique stud for the discerniing buyer who wants only the best stock available. Our foundation sire, the Lion Prince is a world class stallion from world class bloodlines. All of our mares have been carefully selected for their bloodlines, conformation, movement and temperament.

We are the ONLY gypsy horse breeders in NZ with fully DNA verified stock, ensuring and gauranteeing our progeny to be superior, authentic and invaluable as breeding stock to continue the already established bloodlinees of our foundation herd.

Each spring we are able to offer purebred foals for sale along with advice and support for buyers who may be new to this wonderful breed.

Visitors are always welcome and payment plans are available for serious buyers.