Breeding Standard

Here at Gypsy Royal Stud we strive to preserve the gypsy breed. We want our horses to keep true to the beautiful horses the Gypsy people developed. Our horses come from only the famous founding bloodlines. When we began our breeding venture we decided only the absolute best would do. This building block idea of our breeding program has resulted in our stud producing foals that are nothing short of impressive.

Our horses trace back to the famous Lion King, The Lottery Horse, Cushti Bok, The Roadsweeper, The Coal Horse, The PO Mare, the Producer, along with many others. A recent extended pedigree search has revealed our horses can be traced all the way back to The Shaw Horse; a 1941 Shire responsible for the very origin of the gypsy breed.


Our horses are bred to be versatile. They are suited to many disciplines such as; Dressage, Jumping, Western Pleasure, Driving, Trail, etc. They will do anything you ask of them. We put out all the stops to conserve and better the breed; and to make sure we bring to you the best gypsy horses available.