Client Testimonials

“The girls are doing absolutely great. Zoe and Tash have had them out walking around the zoo already. They certainly seem to take everything in their stride. I saw them on Friday on their way to see what they thought of giraffes.

“The visitors absolutely adore them.”

“Arrived during milking and unloaded right by the shed with cows, loud noises and strange people. Never flinched.”

“I got a late entry to the Canterbury in hand show today she got a 1st and reserve champion part bred…so well behaved I couldn’t be more proud.”

“Everyone who meets him falls in love with him, he is so sweet.”

“Dakota is just the best! We are getting on fine, and he is just the sweetest wee horse. I could not have asked for anything more than what I have got, thanks.”

“He is such a wonderful boy to do anything with on the ground and in the saddle. He has got his first Parelli ridden clinic on Monday, and I know he will be a star.”

“The Parelli clinic was good, it was more for me than him, a small arena and lots of horses of different abilities, Cody was a star and had all the right moves.”

“She was a winner! She was so well behaved in her classes and the grand parade.”

“He is a great little horse who I can see will make a lovely all rounder.”

“I love her to bits. She’s well into being educated and is a very quick learner.”

“She and I are getting on like a couple of old souls, I feel like I know her already…I think it’s because she is so much like my very sensitive Arab who does everything on such a light feel that I only need to think about something and we are moving as one…Aiyana is the same. I am enjoying her so much, I love that horse.”

“Aiyana is so beautiful and she has a gorgeous personality. She settled in almost immediately and made herself right at home. The truck driver sand her praises and said she was a really lovely quiet horse.”

“We rode off from home along a very winding and dense bush track for about an hour and then open farm for another hour. Some steep work. I did get off to walk quite a lot but she was just great. She took the bush tracks with so much care and thought.”

“We had my daughter’s family here last weekend and we all just happened to meet up in the horses paddock and guess who was the center of attention. I and the kids on her back in turns while she stood with us all as part of the group, she pushed herself right into the middle and checked everyone out one by one. No ropes or halters, freedom to go as she pleased but she never moved until we all did and then she followed us. Didn’t bat an eyelid when the motorbikes started up and rode off right beside her. The kids LOVE her and everyone felt that she was just so safe and gorgeous. Even the non-horsey men. She is a gem. I am forever grateful.”