GR Prince's Lionheart

GR Prince’s Lion Heart aka Bugsy is by our stallion Lion Prince and out of our Lucky Charm. Bugsy is just stunning. He has amazing presence for just being a foal. He owns the ground he walks on. Bugsy carries himself beautifully with sensational head carriage. This little guy has He has a very sweet temperament and just loves people. He already has massive amounts of feather, mane, and tail for such a young colt. His mother Lucky Charm is our heaviest feathered mare and it seems Bugsy is going to have more than both his sire and dam. His grandsire is the famous Lion King on his sire’s side. On his dam’s side his grandsire is Westmoreland Lucky. Lucky has won more National Grand Championships than any other gypsy in America. This colt is already shockingly beautiful we can’t wait to see how he matures. Bugsy is being kept back for Lynda’s own personal riding and demo horse. So you will be seeing a lot of this boy in the future.


GR Prince's Lionheart - (The Lion Prince x Lucky Charm)

GR Prince's Lionheart Westmoreland Lion Prince (USA/NZ)
The Lion King
Westmoreland Contessa
Westmoreland Lucky Charm Westmoreland Lucky (USA)
Splish Splash (USA)