Lottery - Sold

GR Lion's Lottery (Simba) - SOLD

GR Lion’s Lottery aka Simba is a beautiful young colt with a bright future. He is stunning with an upright neck and a “look at me” presence. Simba has a lovely dished head, small hooky ears, big round apple butt, good bone mass, straight legs, he is 100% correct. His sire is Westmoreland Farm’s Lion Prince who is one of the best gypsy stallions in the world. Prince is absolutely breathtaking; he has a tremendous amount of feather, mane, and tail. His mane reaches the ground and his tail drags almost a meter behind him. Prince is passing on this trait to all of his offspring. He is sired by the famous Lion King. Lion King has sired National Grand Champions all over the world. His descendants are very coveted and rare due to his death. Simba’s dam, Westmoreland Farm’s Magical Lottery was sired by Lottery who is the most famous Gypsy Vanner to ever be imported from England to the USA. The Lottery line is growing scarce due to the loss of this wonderful stallion. With the combined bloodlines of Lottery and The Lion King this colt will be an astonishing stallion. These combined bloodlines are very sought after in the USA. The result of mixing these two bloodlines is a horse that has the “WOW” factor.